Its important to get a great sound to start off. If its tracked well it will lead to a great end product. Bad Dad has access to professional studios in order give your project a cutting edge!




Got a studio session, promo video, music video idea? Bad Dad's got the equipment to come film your project.


Whether tracked in a barn, bedroom, basement, studio, living room, or kitchen, Bad Dad can mix your project to sound exactly how you want! Mixing is the most important phase of a project and when done right can make you stand out!

Video Editing

After shooting, Bad Dad also will take care of all the editing. If you have raw footage and need an editor, look no further. Bad Dad can take your footage and make it into a video your proud to show off!


This is the final stage and incredibly imperative. It gives your tracks the volume and sound of all your favorites out there. Bad Dad can bring out the best in your tracks and make your album sound complete.

Post Work

Need music or finishing touches added to your project? Hand your project over to Bad Dad and we can do Scoring/Arranging, Foley, ADR, Mixing or any other sound elements you need to get your project to the next level!

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